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DIY knot rope beaded bracelet

Posted on August 21 2012 by DIY beaded bracelet in beaded bracelet, diy bracelet, beaded braided bracelet

Today I brings a beautiful beaded woven bracelet, handmade ,simple & stylish, now let's learn together how to make by yourself:

stylish handmade knot rope beaded bracelet

stylish handmade knot rope beaded bracelet

● preparing materials:

1. color beads 14mm (1),, 12mm(4), 10mm(2) ,the beads can be selected according to your needs and preferences;

2 brown, beige wax rope 50cm.

beaded bracelet materials

beaded bracelet materials

● braided bracelet making steps:

1, 14mm beads penetrate brown wax Rope, located in the middle of two wax rope alignment;

2, two wax rope with knotted adjust position taut;

3,14 mm beads knotted another one with the second-step method;

4,12 mm the bead penetration beige wax rope knotted with Step 2;

DIY beaded bracelet

DIY beaded bracelet

5, followed by penetration of the remaining beads, knotted

6, all beads penetrate knot

7, the last step is completing this knotting method, can adjust the size of the bracelet stretch; knotting a beige wax rope with a brown wax rope; shades wax rope or same color wax rope combination knottedplayed a total of four knots, composed of two groups

It's very easy learning,yes? If you like this beaded bracelet , you can knitting one by yourself!

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