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DIY Rose beaded bracelet

Posted on August 20 2012 by diy bracelet in beaded bracelet, beaded braided bracelet

DIY Rose beaded bracelet

As show below the beautiful rose beaded bracelet,do you like it?You can make your own after read the blog.

To show the steps clearly,I choose different colors beads to demonstrate the tutorial.

Color clockwise arranged as follows:

Yellow, green, purple, yellow, pink, transparent

Mahogany blue beads

Step 1: put the wire through a yellow beads

Step 2 And then the left side of the yellow beads were penetration pink, transparent, blue beads

Step 3 Use the end of the thread from the bottom at the same time through the pink, two transparent beads

Step 4 Next, the right of the yellow beads penetrate two beads of purple, green

Step 5 Thread from top to bottom of the right penetration of blue beads

Step 6 Skip yellow beads again homeopathic line penetration purple, green, two beads

Step 7 It's almost finished,put the Yellow beads on the right line

Step 8 Penetrate left lint yellow beads

Step 9 Tension on both sides of the head, OK

A string of rose finished, Choose your favorite color,the multi-wear Jiduo roses can make a nice Crystal Rose beaded Bracelet.

Have you learned it?

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